40pcs Foot Corn Killer
40pcs Foot Corn Killer
40pcs Foot Corn Killer

40pcs Foot Corn Killer

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The Foot Corn Remover Pads are made with a thick, flexible layer that properly covers the affected area for all-day relief. It not only protects sore corns from the typical rubbing inside of your footwear, but they are the innovative foot plaster that can actually help soften the corn itself by slowly releasing medical-grade mineral oil that's enriched with key vitamins and other ingredients.



  • Prevent and alleviate discomfort due to blisters or corns
  • Pads are cut-to-fit for convenient and efficient use
  • All natural ingredients
  • Waterproof Adhesive
  • Hypoallergenic Craftsmanship


  1. For better adhesion clean and dry the feet.

  2. Remove a corn cap from the backing paper and position the felt ring over the corn.

  3. Firmly apply in position with adhesive straps. When properly applied, it should not slip or move.

  4. Change the corn cap every two days until the corn is easily removed. A maximum of five corn caps should be used per corn.


  1. For external use only.
  2. Stick good, in the absence of dislocation after 1-2 days change once, use warm water to soak before each use, the affected area and corns or wart off the surface, to use again.
  3. After use, corns or wart part will be white, after bubble water, can significantly " convex, fat," feeling. At this point, you can use a toothpick to pick off the loss of corn.
  4. Do not use for more than two weeks, unless your doctor tells you to.


  • 40PCS x  Foot Care Medical Plaster