Anti-constipation Toilet Stool

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Anti-constipation Toilet Stool promotes a more natural position for moving the bowels. A great addition for persons who experience chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, and inflammatory bowel disease.With this great stoolduring a bowel movement, a muscle around the rectum relaxes, which straightens the angle between the anus and the rectum, allowing us to defecate in ease.Enhance comfort & safety for children or short-legged person, prevents their legs from dangling while seated on the toilet. Reducing the need for children to climb precariously on and off the toilet.


  • PORTABLE: making it easy to store when not in use and pack or take it along with you when you are outdoors.
  • ANTI SKID THREAD SURFACE: to prevent the foot slipping
  • ANTI SKID PAD: for stability and comfort
  • DURABLE: can support up to 150 kg of weight.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size:39x22.5x19cm


  • 1 x Anti-constipation Toilet Stool

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