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Magic Soap

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Garlic, onions and fish might make delicious meals, but those odors can linger on your hands for days, even after scrubbing with soap and water. Introducing, the Magic Soap, thanks to it cleaning up can be a much more pleasant experience.

Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel so there are no chemicals in it that can migrate into your body. It won't produce lather like normal soap, but it can remove tough food odors from your skin, unlike normal soap that may just cover up the smell.


  • Remove unwanted smells from your hands after handling things like onion, garlic, fish etc.

  • Made of stainless steel and can use for a long time.

  • Very necessary for those who usually cooks and stay in kitchens.

  • The stainless steel would attract and bind with the sulfur to remove the odor from your hands.


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